This place in Karachi will give your old leather jacket ‘A New Life’

Wearing a leather jacket is very common in the winter season, while there are various leather jacket stores in Karachi, there is one in Saddar where worn-out coats are transformed into new ones.

Usually, customers don’t know about this place as it is located on the second floor of Zainab Market, Saddar. This place looks like a maze.

A man named Nazir Ahmed، who dyes jackets there, painted an old jacket that was faded and made it look like new۔ He took us to the next section of the warehouse where pieces of leather were lying around and workers were busy stitching, altering and ironing jackets.

According to Nazir and his colleagues, they not only revamp the old jackets but also make new ones as per customers’ choice۔ He showed us the replica they made of the famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise’s jacket that he wore in his movie ‘Top Gun Maverick’.

Nazir and his colleague showed us a trick to identify genuine leather. He lit a matchstick and put it on the jacket, it did not burn, and then he told us that the original leather never catches fire.
As inflation soars, not everyone can afford a new leather jacket. Such a place is no less than a convenience for the common man۔






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