Smog: LHC orders closure of schools across Punjab

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered the closure of government and private schools thrice a week amid the increasing threat of smog in Punjab, especially in Lahore, ARY News reported. 

The directions were given by the LHC while hearing the petitions moved for seeking the remedy to address the smog issue.

The court in its verdict said that the Punjab government has utterly failed in addressing the smog issue and directed the provincial government to contact the centre for help in controlling the threat.

The provincial government has been asked for legislation to take down the industries’ omitting pollution. The draft for legislation in this context should be forwarded to the court as earliest.

Furthermore, the Punjab government has been asked to impound the vehicles creating pollution in the environment.

Vehicles found creating pollution should be impounded and auctioned after one notice, the LHC said in its directions to the provincial government.

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In the last hearing of the case, the LHC hinted at the imposition of the work-from-home (WFH) policy for 2 days in the offices in a week.

What is Smog?

As winter begins, the areas of northern Punjab come under a thick layer of fog affecting the daily life and vehicular traffic. Motorways are blocked and flights are delayed or canceled due to poor visibility.

The thick hazy layer understood to be winter s fog is a noxious smog carrying serious health hazards, experts say.

Smog is air pollution that reduces visibility. The term “smog” was first used in the early 1900s to describe a mix of smoke and fog. Smog is created by increasing vehicular and industrial emissions and the burning of coal and the remains of agricultural crops. Smog has been common in industrial areas and remains a familiar sight in cities today.






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