FIA to acquire modern technology to stop criminals from fleeing abroad

KARACHI: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has decided to acquire modern facial recognition technology to stop wanted criminals from fleeing abroad, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources told ARY News that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) immigration will install facial recognition cameras at Jinnah International Airport – Karachi.

The facial recognition cameras will assist the authorities to stop wanted criminals from fleeing abroad. Sources added that modern technology will also help immigration officers to arrest the suspects who are not named in the exit control list (ECL) or stop list.

The FIA immigration officers expedited efforts to functionalise the facial recognition system.

Sources said that an automatic system will raise alarm bells if an accused walks in front of the modern cameras.

Moreover, a special team will be deployed by the intelligence agency to use modern cameras. Modern technology will also help the police and other investigation institutions to arrest the accused.






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