Landhi rape, murder case: Police yet to arrest prime suspect

KARACHI: Karachi police failed to arrest the prime suspect in the rape and murder case of a minor girl in Landhi despite the completion of the identification process, citing sources, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources told ARY News that the prime suspect has been identified, however, he was not arrested by the police so far. The identification of the culprit was made through the DNA samples of his brother and son.

The forensic experts had sent over 100 DNA samples to identify the rapist-cum-killer. The culprit was identified as Riaz by the investigators whose DNA sample was not collected as he is absconding.

The DNA sample of Riaz s brother and son was matched with the victim. The forensic lab of the University of Karachi had worked on the DNA tests using modern scientific techniques and matched the DNA results.

Sources said that the DNA results were allegedly hidden by the police officials and the suspect was not arrested so far.

Rape-cum-murder incident

On November 18, a missing minor girl was found murdered from the heaps of garbage in the Muslimabad area of Karachi s Landhi Town.

The rescue workers had recovered the body of a 7-8 years old missing girl from a garbage corner in the Muslimabad area of Landhi. The minor girl had gone missing from outside her residence while police exhibited traditional negligence to start searching for the missing child after lodging a case.


The family had also distributed the copies of missing alerts to the residents.

The father of the innocent girl spoke of his ordeal when his daughter went missing from outside his brother s house on Wednesday. She went outside the house without wearing her sandals.

“Instead of registering an FIR, police used delaying tactics for two days. After failing to find Muniba till Wednesday evening, we were sure that she was abducted by someone. When we went to the police station, we were told to be called if the police get some information about the missing girl.”

“I had also visited the police station on Thursday to register an FIR but I was told that the official who registers FIR was absent. They also rejected to file FIR on Friday too until I received a telephone call from my brother about the recovery of Muniba s body from the area.”

The father of the slain girl, Maqbool said that her daughter s body was searched by the family on their own.

The police surgeon Dr Summaiya Syed said in a statement that Muniba s body aged 6-7 years was brought from the jurisdiction of Quaidabad police station with extensive injuries all over the body, especially the head.

She said that the initial medical examination is highly suggestive of rape, whereas, the post-mortem findings are suggestive of asphyxia as the cause of death. Dr Syed added that samples were preserved for the toxicological screening of the minor.






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