Sara Inam murder case: Court indicts Shahnawaz Amir, mother

ISLAMABAD: A district and sessions court in Islamabad has indicted main accused Shahnawaz Amir and his mother Sameena Shah in the Sara Inam murder case, ARY News reported on Monday.

According to details, sessions Judge Atta Rabbani indicted Shahnawaz Amir and his mother Sameena Shah after dismissing the co-accused s request to be discharged from the case.

However, both the accused have pleaded not guilty to the crime, while the court has asked the prosecution to summon the witnesses on December 14.

Earlier, co-accused Sameena Shah had requested to be discharged before the indictment. She appeared before the court along with her lawyer Nisar Asghar.

Sameena Shah s counsel told the court that according to the police challan Shahnawaz s mother was present at the crime scene but she was not involved in the murder.

If the prosecutor s case is not against Sameena Shah then she should be discharged from the case. When police arrived at the crime spot, she handed over the suspect to them, the lawyer added.

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The suspect mother s counsel further added that there is no evidence against Sameena Shah in this case so hereby we request the court to acquit her.

Police Challan

The main accused was found guilty of murder in police challan as he had confessed to the murder during the investigation.

According to the challan, the main accused had told the police during the investigation that when Sara Inam did not send him money, she had a heated telephonic conversation with him and he had divorced her on the phone.

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The suspect told the police that Sara Inam reached Islamabad from Abu Dhabi on September 22. He furthered that she had started arguing with him in the bedroom that night and had demanded to return the money she had sent to him.

On which, according to the police challan, the suspect picked up a dumbbell and hit her several times on the head. The main accused told the police that, he hid his wife’s body in a bathroom tub before it was recovered by the police on his identification.






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