11-year-old girl ‘raped, murdered’ in Karachi’s Lines Area

KARACHI: An 11-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered by a close relative in the Lines Area of Karachi on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Police said that an 11-year-old girl was allegedly raped and later strangulated to death in the Lines Area of Karachi. The post-mortem of the deceased girl was performed at Jinnah Hospital.

Police officials said that the culprit tried to paint the rape and murder case as a suicide to cover up his heinous crime. They added that the paternal uncle of the deceased minor girl is absconding after the incident.

Police said that they have been informed about a minor girl s suicide. However, the post-mortem examination revealed that the girl was subjected to rape.

“The slain girl s father works as a gatekeeper at a park. The girl was alone at her home while her siblings went out to their school. They came to know about the incident after returning home.”

“The doctors have also confirmed torture marks on her body while the cause of her death was suffocation,” police added.


On November 18, a missing minor girl was found murdered from the heaps of garbage in the Muslimabad area of Karachi s Landhi Town.

The rescue workers had recovered the body of a 7-8 years old missing girl from a garbage corner in the Muslimabad area of Landhi. The minor girl had gone missing from outside her residence while police exhibited traditional negligence to start searching for the missing child after lodging a case.

The father of the slain girl, Maqbool said that her daughter s body was searched by the family on their own.

However, Karachi police failed to arrest the prime suspect in the rape and murder case of a minor girl in Landhi despite the completion of the identification process.

Sources told ARY News that the prime suspect has been identified, however, he was not arrested by the police so far. The identification of the culprit was made through the DNA samples of his brother and son.

The forensic experts had sent over 100 DNA samples to identify the rapist-cum-killer. The culprit was identified as Riaz by the investigators whose DNA sample was not collected as he is absconding.

The DNA sample of Riaz s brother and son was matched with the victim. The forensic lab of the University of Karachi had worked on the DNA tests using modern scientific techniques and matched the DNA results.

Sources said that the DNA results were allegedly hidden by the police officials and the suspect was not arrested so far.






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