Sindh gives farmers cash for wheat seed purchase: Wahab

KARACHI: Sindh government has initiated the farmers support project and fulfilled its promises, government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab has said.

“Farmers being provided cash for purchase of wheat seed,” Wahab said. “Agriculture cash being issued to farmers by the Sindh government,” provincial adviser said in a statement.

“We are standing with the people in their time of hardship,” he said. “The government is building two million houses affected in floods,” he said. “Cash amount being provided for construction of houses,” Murtaza Wahab said.

He said the country facing political, economic and social problems. Intolerance has reached to an extent where people avoid to talk,” Wahab said.

“There is no debate over the challenges faced by the country and problems of common man but Imran Khan’s escape and his bail being discussed,” PPP leader said. “If he is more important than 220 million people of the county? he questioned.

He said, Imran Khan is working on the agenda of harming the country for his personal gain and to grab the power. “Sindh government is serving the people, while he is working to inflict harm to the people,” he alleged.

“We have cultivated record wheat crop this year despite floods,” he said. “We have a vision of constructive development, while Imran Khan walking on the path of destruction,” he said.






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