503,261 illegal Afghans returned to their homeland


ISLAMABAD: Repatriation of illegal foreign immigrants including Afghans to their homeland Afghanistan is continuing in a dignified and safe manner, ARY News reported on Sunday.

As per details, 5033 illegal Afghan nationals returned to their country from February 25 till March 2, taking the total number of returned immigrants to 503,261.

Over 217 families including 1573 men, 1048 women and 2412 children returned to Afghanistan in 204 vehicles.

Earlier, 233 Afghan nationals were sent to Afghanistan via the Torkham border.

According to details, a total of 6623 migrants were sent to Afghanistan, and another 5299 immigrants from Pakhtunkhwa, 138 from Islamabad, 1152 from Punjab, and 34 from Azad Kashmir were sent to Afghanistan.

Efforts were made to send migrants to Afghanistan from Peshawar, other borders, and Angoor Adda in Kharlachi. A total of 3956 people were sent to Afghanistan via the Angoor Adda border, while 698 people were sent to Afghanistan from the Kharlachi border.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan reaffirmed its commitment to peace and prosperity in Afghanistan at a conference titled Afghanistan s Regional Cooperation Initiative held at capital of the war-torn country.

Ambassador of Pakistan in Kabul Ubaid Nizamani emphasized that the region must work together to harness mutually beneficial connectivity potential and address shared concerns.

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