750 Prize Bond Jan 2024 – Check Draw Date and Balloting details here


The citizens of Pakistan used to buy Prize Bonds for decades, hoping to win big cash prizes, despite very low chances of winning the mega cash prize. Some of them trying their luck for a mega cash prize, while others see it as a safe way to save or invest money as it’s a government-regulated scheme.

The Prize Bonds, managed by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and National Savings, don t earn interest but offer the chance to win significant cash rewards.

These bonds do not lose their original value and so it attracts a lot of people. Its most unique selling point remains no risk of losing investment amount.

In Pakistan, Prize Bonds are available in various denominations, and holders can participate in lucky draws to potentially win prizes. The SBP announces the schedule for prize draws, typically held every three months, with the upcoming event featuring the 750 Prize Bond.

750 Prize Bond Winning Amount/Cash Prize

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