Academic year postponed in Sindh


KARACHI: The Sindh Education Department postponed the academic year, delaying its commencement from August, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Following the verdict of the Steering Committee, the Education Department of Sindh has issued an official notification regarding the rescheduled academic year.

As per the issued notification, the next academic year of 2024-25 is set to kick off on August 1, instead of April when the academic year normally commences every year.

The steering committee of the Sindh Educational Department after finalizing its decision issued the notification.

Last month, the sources claimed that the new academic year in Sindh is likely to be delayed as the process of printing the textbooks has not been initiated yet.

Sources stated that the meeting of the Sindh Education Department s Steering Committee has been called to address the issue, while sources claimed that the meeting will approve the plan to start the academic year in August.

Sources further revealed that a conflict emerged between the Publisher and the Education Department resulting in the delay in the printing of the textbooks.

Meanwhile, the Sindh Education Department indicated that a minimum of four months is required for the printing and delivery of the books.

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