Alliance with Sheikh Rasheed harmed PTI: Raoof Hasan


ISLAMABAD: Following a spat over ticket distribution, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Information Secretary Raoof Hasan on Friday asserted that PTI committed a political mistake by forging an alliance with Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed, ARY News reported.

Talking to journalists in Islamabad, the PTI spokesperson noted that the former interior minister has sighted his defeat while disassociating the party from arrest of Sheikh Rasheed.

“Alliance with Sheikh Rasheed has harmed PTI,” Raoof Hasan said, adding that the party has its own candidates in former s constituency.

Responding to a question, the PTI leader said Usman Dar – who recently condemned the May 9 riots – hasn t left the party. “Dar s mother had contacted the party following her son s press conference,” he added.

He believed that the PTI-backed independent candidates would not change loyalties after the conclusion of general elections 2024. “PML-N and Asif Ali Zardari will not succeed in buying independent candidates”, he added.

Hasan further said that PTI founder Imran Khan will not make any deal even “if the punishment is more severe”.

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Speaking of intra-party elections, Raoof Hasan said that the polls were postponed due to the country’s situation and engagements of party workers ahead of Feb 8 polls.

“At the time of holding the general body meeting of the PTI on Jan 31, the designated venue of the party where the meetings were set to take place and the entry of participants were unlawfully blocked by the administration, including sealing of the Islamabad office, thus forcing us to search for and confirm alternate places and seek legal remedies,” he added.

“While we are ready for holding intra-party elections on the basis of secret ballot through digital balloting, the arrangements for availability of alternate venues requires additional time,” Hasan noted.

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