ANF seizes 389 Kg drugs, nabs 10 suspects across Pakistan


Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) claimed to have recovered 389 Kilograms (Kgs) of drugs and nabbed 10 accused in different operations across Pakistan.

ANF Headquarters spokesperson in a statement issued on Thursday said that the narcotics have been seized in 11 raids in different parts of the country. He said that five hashish-filled capsules were recovered from the stomach of a passenger going to Abu Dhabi from Peshawar s Bacha Khan Airport.

Separately, 250 grams of intoxicated tablets were recovered from two passengers going to Muscat from Multan Airport while 210 grams Ice drug was seized from a passenger going to Doha at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

In a different operation at Lahore s Allama Iqbal Airport, 88 grams of heroin was recovered from a passenger going to Malaysia.

Likewise, 354,400 intoxicated tablets were found and seized from a container being sent to Thailand from South Asia Pakistan Terminal Karachi.

Separately, 210 Kg of hashish and seven Kg opium were recovered in two separate operations conducted near Theera Orakzai area.

The spokesperson added that 91 Kg hashish was recovered from two suspects netted near RCD Road Hub, 29 Kg hashish and 7 kg opium were recovered from an accused rounded up near Kot Abdul Malik Interchange Sheikhupura.

In yet another operation, 18 Kg Ice drug was seized from an accused arrested near Sona Khan Chowk Quetta while two Kg hashish was recovered from a suspect in Toba Tek Singh.

Cases under the Anti-Narcotics Act have been registered against the arrested accused while further investigations are underway.

Read More: ANF seized 618 metric tons of drugs in 2023

Earlier, the ANF disclosed that it has seized 618 metric tons of drugs and prohibited chemicals with street value of billions of rupees by conducting over 1900 operations in 2023.

According to the details, 1,860 people including 64 foreigners involved in smuggling were arrested during different operations during the last year.

The ANF also participated in 32 international events for counter-narcotics during the last year.

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