Another resolution moved in Senate seeking delay in election 2024


ISLAMABAD: Another resolution has been moved in the Senate of Pakistan, seeking a delay in the general election 2024 for three months, citing security challenges, ARY News reported.

The resolution has been moved by Senator Hidayatullah, a member of Pakistan’s upper house from the Independent Parliamentary Group.

Expressing concern about the rising attacks on the candidates willing to contest the general election, the resolution moved in the Senate has demanded delaying the election for three months.

The Senate resolution has urged the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Supreme Court to ensure a peaceful election.

It is to be noted that earlier this month, the Upper House of Parliament adopted a resolution, which was moved by independent Senator Dilawar Khan during a session with only 15 lawmakers in attendance. It sought polls delay in the light of extreme weather in hilly areas and the deteriorating security situation.

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“The Constitution upheld the right to vote for every citizen of Pakistan and the Election Commission of Pakistan was bound to conduct free and fair polls in contingent upon inclusivity and ensuring the participation of all regional people.”

“The vote turnout in colder areas remains notably high during the moderate weather conditions. January and February are recognised as the coldest months in the majority of the areas in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” it stated.

The resolution said various political parties had expressed their reservations regarding difficulties in ensuring participation in cold areas during the electoral process.

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