Arrest warrants issued for employees skipping elections 2024 duty


KARACHI: Arrest warrants have been issued for the Sindh health department, skipping elections 2024 duty, in Karachi, ARY News reported on Friday.

As per details, the arrest warrants for 267 employees including women, were issued by the Returning Officer (RO) of PS-110-Karachi, South, Muhammad Hayyat, over continued absence from their election duties.

The police have been directed to arrest and present the employees skipping their election duties on Friday.

On February 1, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja, in a press statement after the meeting, said that those who are trying to obstruct the polls by disturbing the peace would be dealt with strictly.

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“There should be no confusion or misunderstanding as the General Elections 2024 will be held on time,” the CEC made it clear. He said that terrorism is the biggest enemy of the electoral process.

Sikandar Sultan Raja said that despite the security challenges, the ECP is fully prepared to hold the elections on February 8. The CEC also expressed full confidence in the law enforcement agencies

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