Balochistan cabinet to be announced after Senate elections


ISLAMABAD: Balochistan government has decided to form the provincial cabinet after Senate elections, citing sources ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources said that the Balochistan chief minister has taken the People’s Party leadership into confidence over the decision.

“Most of the government members of Balochistan want to become provincial cabinet members,” sources said.

The government apprehends that the allied parties’ members could alienate over being not included in the cabinet.

Sources further said that the PML-N has advanced a new demand, which has affected and suspended distribution of ministries and formation of the cabinet. “The PML-N has refused to accept the agreed power sharing in Balochistan”.

“The PML-N wants more representation in Balochistan cabinet,” People’s Party sources said. “They are demanding eight ministries and two assistants in cabinet”.

“The PML-N had agreed over six ministries in Balochistan cabinet in earlier deal,” PPP sources said.

“The PML-N will not be granted more ministries than its agreed share, the party has to comply with the agreement,” sources added.

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