Banyan trees illegally cut down in Karachi


KARACHI: The Cultural Department has taken decisive action against a mafia involved in illegally cutting down banyan trees in Karachi, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

In a formal letter, the cultural department highlighted that some unidentified men are removing the ancient banyan trees – having historical significance – from outside Jess and Mary School and other areas in Clifton in broad daylight.

The Mayor of Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, sent a message to the Inspector General (IG) of the Police urging the police to file cases against those responsible for the cutting of trees in Karachi, emphasizing the need for swift action against the culprits.

“The police are responsible for this action. The KMC has intervened to put a stop to it. I have forwarded the video to the Inspector General (IG) for necessary actions against those responsible. Ali Manzoor, who initially brought this matter to my attention, has also been informed,” Murtaza Wahab said in a tweet.

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