BAP unveils manifesto for election 2024


QUETTA: Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) on Monday revealed its manifesto for the upcoming general election 2024 in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

The BAP in its manifesto revealed that the party will work towards development, education, healthcare, security, and agriculture.

The manifesto highlights the inclusion of Blue Economy and the Gwadar Tax-Free Zone in the list of top priorities, aiming to boost economic growth in the region.

The document emphasizes the active participation of local individuals in the legislative process and environmental conservation as integral components of the legislative framework.

Moreover, in Quetta, the manifesto places a strong emphasis on transparency within the government and ongoing projects which intends to build trust among the public and enhance the efficiency of governance in the province.

Earlier to this, PTI has unveiled its manifesto for general elections 2024.

In a press conference, PTI leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan presented the party s manifesto, saying that PTI will bring reforms in the education sector and prioritize skill-based education after coming into power.

He said that PTI will propagate independent foreign policy and relations with all countries will be based on Pakistan s interests.

After coming into power, the tenure of government will be cut to four years as the five-year tenure is more than the required time for a government.

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