Barrister Gohar reacts to candidate alliance with PML-N, highlights pre-election loyalty concerns


Following the alliance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate with PML-N, the current chairman of PTI reacted to the situation by stating that concerns were expressed before the general election related to the loyalties of candidates, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The PTI chairman Barrister Gohar stated that there has been no contact with the PTI-backed candidate, Wasim Qadir, however, highlighted that no oaths or resignations were sought from party members related to their loyalties to PTI.

“We have expressed our concerns, and some individuals may switch their loyalties,” Barrister Gohar said.

Addressing questions about the potential alliance, Barrister Gohar stated that the decision on joining any party has not been finalized, however, reassured that when such a decision is made, specific seats will be reserved for their members.

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“At present, no steps are being taken that would compromise our positions in a way that would benefit another party,” Barrister Gohar affirmed.

He expressed that the PTI is committed to preventing the horse trading culture in the parliament.

Barrister Gohar also dismissed rumors about approaching the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), stating that there has been no contact with the said party.

While commenting on the recent political developments, Barrister Gohar stated that the results of the 50 seats attributed to Nawaz Sharif, asserting that it was a result of the speech deal .

He reiterated Nawaz Sharif’s claim that a deal had been made, securing 125 seats and paving the way for his fourth term as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Barrister Gohar urged the ECP to promptly release Form 47 results, advocating for transparency and the swift resolution of disputes surrounding 70 seats.

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