Beware! Strict action ordered against traffic violators in Karachi


KARACHI: The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Traffic has issued strict orders and directed to take strict action against the traffic violators, leading to a surge in traffic congestion and accidents, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

A crucial meeting led by the DIG Traffic of the Sindh Police took place in Karachi, attended by all Superintendents of Police (SPs) from the Traffic Police department, along with the participation of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Admin and DSP Security and Operation.

The DIG in the meeting directed all Section Officers to be in constant touch with the Traffic Monitoring Unit Room to clear double parking from the roads and improve the flow of traffic across the metropolis.

He directed the officers to take strict legal action against the individuals violating the traffic rules, particularly those using the wrong side of the road.

In the meeting, the DIG also emphasized the need to address rickshaws, specifically those modified with additional space behind their vehicles to accommodate excess passengers, which can potentially lead to accidents at any time.

The DIG Traffic Karachi has issued a directive emphasizing the mandatory requirement of having both front and rear number plates on motorcycles otherwise the individual found involved in non-compliance will not only lead to legal action but also result in the confiscation of the motorcycle.

Furthermore, he highlighted significant improvements in helmet usage, urging citizens to strictly adhere to this safety measure for their well-being.

The DIG Traffic Karachi has instructed the Traffic Police Force to recognize and reward outstanding performance among officers and workers.

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