Bilawal Bhutto fires fresh salvo at PML-N, PTI founder


PESHAWAR: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Saturday castigated the PML-N and Imran Khan-led PTI for imposing “politics of hatred and division” on the country, saying that the two political parties turned political differences into personal enmity, ARY News reported.

Addressing a public gathering in Peshawar in connection with general elections 2024, the former foreign minister also lambasted his political opponents for their reluctance to campaign and attributing it to excuses like cold weather or security risks .

“PPP was campaigning in every corner of the country; don’t we have security threats,” Bilawal Bhutto asked, vowing that his party would not going to panic nor run away. “We are contesting elections to take country out of the crises,” he added.

He further said that turning political differences into personal enmity was damaging the country s economy and future generations. “Traditional politicians want to push the country back into 90s politics,” he regretted, noting that he wanted to bring Pakistan into 2024.

Bilawal Bhutto also pointed out the crises, the country was facing – the resurfacing of terrorism and crippling economic woes. He emphasised that people were fighting elections not to serve, but to escape the very problems they should be addressing.

“We will bring such an economic revolution that everyone s income will double,” he claimed, adding: “We will provide 300 units of solar electricity for free and build 300,000 houses and also regularise all slums.”

Turning his guns towards PTI founder Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto said they constantly asked the deposed premier not to accuse every politician of corruption or theft, or one day “such allegations will be levelled against you”.

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“Imran Khan put everyone in jail and today he is suffering from the same consequences,” the PPP Chairman regretted.

“We asked him [Imran Khan] not to resign and take position of Leader of Opposition,” he said. But instead, Bilawal said, the PTI founder abolished his own provincial government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and dubbed it as a “surprise”.

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