Bilawal Bhutto rejects ‘power-sharing formula’ offered to PPP


LARKANA: Pakistan People s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Sunday rejected the power-sharing formula he was offered wherein the prime minister s seat would be shared between two parties, ARY News reported.

“I was told that let us be the prime minister for three years and then you can take the premiership for the remaining two years, but I refused. We don’t work for ourselves but for the people”, the PPP Chairman said while addressing a public rally in Thatta.

Bilawal Bhutto said that the party had decided that it would move forward with “those who has asked for its votes” and would not seek any ministries.

“I had no stubbornness to sit on the prime minister’s chair. I contested for you, for my people,” Bilawal Bhutto stated, highlighting the challenges Pakistan faces, including inflation and the prevalence of divisive politics.

Bilawal said that the country needed a political party that talked about the people s problems, noting that the brewing economic and political crisis had divided society. “What should happen is that politicians and all political parties, rather than focusing on their personal benefit, should think about the people of this country,” he stressed.

He also urged fellow politicians to prioritise the interests of the people over their own, lamenting the detrimental impact of self-serving politics on the federation and its provinces.

“All political parties should ponder over Pakistan’s future rather than their individual gains,” he remarked, addressing the ongoing protests against election results and the prevalence of rigging allegations.

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Bilawal claimed that a PTI-backed candidate was made to win against a PPP leader. He said that he also had all the Form 45s available with him and would approach the appropriate forum but “wouldn t burn his own house down or divide the country”.

Zardari to be PPP s presidential candidate

Bilawal Bhutto declared that former president and party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari would be the PPP’s nominee for the presidency, vowing that Zardari would bring unity to the country and address the pressing issues facing its citizens.

“To control the fire spreading in the country, we have decided that Zardari will be our candidate for the presidential election. And when he takes up the post, he will put out this fire, and will save the Centre and the provinces,” he added.

Meanwhile, the PPP chairman also challenged protesting political leaders – Pir Pagara and Maulana Fazlur Rehman – to bring all their Form 45s to him and if proven wrong, he would contest polls against them the next day.

“I have won two seats out of which I will vacate a seat for by-elections,” he said. “How about you come and contest against us on that seat? Let s see what your worth is.”

He also said that PPP will resist any efforts to bring dictatorship back to the country, reiterating his party’s commitment to the slogan “Pakistan khappay”.


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