Cheating in Matric exams: Punjab education minister makes startling revelations


LAHORE: Punjab School Education Minister Rana Sikandar Hayat on Sunday castigated the cheating culture during examination, alleging that Chairman Lahore Board and Controller Examination were involved in illicit practices along with cheating mafia, ARY News reported.

In a statement, the Punjab education minister said that Chairman Lahore Board and Controller Examination – who are now suspended – were facilitating the cheating mafia in Lahore.

“The Controller had given permission to employ private persons to complete strength of invigilators,” Rana said, alleging that he was threatened by the cheating mafia for exposing them.

Furthermore, the minister claimed that private school mafia bribed board to get specific centres for exams. “The examination centres were being sold for Rs80,000,” he alleged, adding that they have evidence in this regard.

He further said that acquiring a paper full of answers costs Rs4,000 to Rs7,000 to students, adding that invigilators had posted messages on social media about the cost.

Rana Sikandar vowed not to let Punjab become Sindh and Karachi, saying that he would continue exposing the cheating mafia. “So far, 30 accused have been arrested while big faces will be exposed soon,” he added.

The ongoing matric annual examinations under the Board of Intermediate of Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore, have been marred by widespread cheating.

Seven examination centres across the city were sealed and papers of hundreds of students were canceled after inspection teams caught red-handed superintendents, invigilators and students doing cheating.

The scandal unfolded at the examination centres in various areas, including Sanda, Mozang, Sabzazar, Model Town and Civil Lines.

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The inspection teams apprehended those involved in facilitating cheating during the exams. A number of students were caught attempting to cheat while superintendents and invigilators were facilitating the malpractice after taking bribes.

Punjab Minister for School Education Rana Sikander Hayat personally led the inspection and conducted surprise visits at examination centres. His surprise visits to examination centers exposed the extent of cheating.

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