Chief secretary suspends 44 employees over illegal deforestation in Gilgit


GILGIT: The Chief Secretary of Gilgit has taken strict action against the rampant and unlawful cutting of trees in Jaglot forests and suspended ten permanent watchmen and seven forest guards, ARY News reported on Sunday.

Expressing a zero-tolerance policy regarding the unlawful cutting of trees in Gilgit, the Chief Secretary dismissed 17 permanent guards and 27 temporary employees of the Forest Department in connection with the illegal logging.

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The Forest Department has forwarded the cases of Foresters and Range Forest Officers (RFOs) involved in the illegal activities to the Secretary of Forests for further action.

The Forest Department has announced strict action in Diamer and other areas facing illegal logging. The department is geared towards curbing such activities and ensuring the sustainable management of forest resources.

To reinforce their commitment, the Forest Department asserted to confiscate vehicles transporting illegal timber.

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