CM Maryam takes notice as two more injured by loose kite strings


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz sought a report from the Inspector General of police after two were injured due to loose kite strings, ARY News reported.

A Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) employee was rushed to hospital after he was tangled in a loose kite string at Nishtar Road.

The man, identified as Rizwan, was riding on motorcycles when he was injured due to the kite string.

Officials of the Resue 1122 provided first-aid to the affected who was later moved to the hospital for further treatment.

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Another city dweller was injured in Lahore’s Model Town when he was entrapped by a kite string.

Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz expressed concerns regarding the incidents despite strict measures to curb kite flying using dangerous metal strings.

While seeking a report from the IG of the police, she resolved to put an end to the dangerous practice that was putting the citizens’ lives at risk.

CM Maryam also urged the citizens to play their part in stopping the kite flying, saying that citizens should cooperate with the government in this regard.

It is pertinent to mention that Punjab police began a crackdown against kite flying and selling in the province following the death of a youth in Faisalabad.

The police registered cases and arrested kite and metal string makers, while the people were warned against kite-flying by public announcements.

By March 25, police registered 245 cases and arrested 242 kite flyers across the province on the directions of CM Maryam Nawaz.

Over 54,000 kites and 800 strings were recovered from the custody of the arrested men.

The police have arrested as many as 3233 people and registered over 3100 cases during the last month.

Earlier today, the Karachi commissioner also imposed a ban on the sales and flying of kites in the metropolitan after several suffered serious injuries due to loose kite strings.

The making, sale and flying of kites has been banned under Section 144 CrPC across the city from March 30 till May 29.

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