Customs officer found to be involved in kidnapping for ransom


KARACHI: An on-duty Customs officer found to be a member of a kidnapping for ransom gang, citing an official of Anti-violent crime cell (AVCC) of Sindh police, ARY News reported on Sunday.

SSP AVCC Zafar Siddique Chhanga in a press conference here said that the police have arrested three accused of kidnapping a youth from Brigade police jurisdiction and demanded ransom money.

“Arrested kidnappers have been identified as Rashid, Zubair and Abdul Fatah,” SSP AVCC said. “Accused Abdul Fatah has been an in-service inspector at Collectorate of Customs in Khuzdar,” AVCC official said.

The accused had abducted Wajahat Nadeem from Brigade police remit,” Zafar Siddique said. “They were arrived in a government number plate car for abduction,” he said.

“The abductors had demanded 50,000 US dollars as ransom money from the family of the victim,” he added.

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