Dadu court orders convicts to plant saplings as punishment for cutting trees


DADU: In a novel move, a local Dadu court awarded a different kind of punishment to three accused who were found guilty of chopping down trees, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sindh Forest Department officials arrested three people for illegally cutting trees in Katcha area of Dadu.

Rather than imposing a fine or sending the three convicts to prison, Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Dadu, Irfanullah Phul decided to teach them a lesson in rectifying the damage caused by their actions. The convicts were ordered to plant 150 new saplings as their punishment in the Katcha area.

The court ordered three convicts to plant 50 each saplings within 18 months at different places in Katcha area.

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Trees provide us with oxygen which helps sustain life on this earth. They also provide us with nutrition in the form of fruits and vegetables which keeps us alive.

With increasing pollution and climate change, trees remain our best safeguard to fight against the destruction that is being done by man around the world.

Often, people tend to chop off trees without worrying about consequences.

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