ECP likely to register case against ex-Rawalpindi commissioner


LAHORE: The former Rawalpindi commissioner, Liaqat Ali Chattha, is set to face legal action as the ECP is likely to initiate proceedings against him, ARY News reported, citing sources.

Sources claimed that the electoral watchdog is likely to file a case against the former commissioner of Rawalpindi under the criminal code of ECP rules violation.

Sources reveal that the case will be registered in the complaint of Additional Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi.

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Earlier, the former Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaqat Ali Chatha resigned from his post over alleged rigging in elections 2024.

Addressing a press conference the Rawalpindi commissioner surrendered to police saying “I accept responsibility for rigging the election 2024”.

Chattha admitted that the rigging took place in election and candidates who were leading in their constituencies with over 70,000 votes were converted to losers with the help of fake seals under his watch.

He apologized to his subordinates for compelling them to rig elections saying that they were crying when they were directed to carry out the rigging.

Commissioner Rawalpindi claimed that Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja was also involved in carrying out rigging in election 2024 and everyone involved in the wrongdoings must be convicted.

Chattha revealed that on Saturday morning he thought of committing suicide but then he decided to expose the entire rigging fiasco. “I want to die a peaceful death” he added.

Following his press conference, police arrested Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaqat Ali Chatha and was taken to the commissioner’s office.

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