Eight arrested for facilitating cheating at exam centers


LAHORE: Eight individuals, including the two center in-charges and four private invigilators, were arrested for accepting bribes and allowing students to cheat in board exams, ARY News reported on Friday.

Based on his covert team’s instructions, the Education Minister of Punjab, Rana Sikandar Hayat, conducted a raid at Government High School in Lahore’s Mozang area where the students were caught red-handed while cheating in exams.

During the raid, the students were found involved in cheating in all over the examination center under the supervision of the invigilators and in-charge of the examination center.

Upon observing the situation, the Education Minister promptly reached out to the police. Subsequently, the SSP Operations and other relevant police personnel arrived at the scene.

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Eight individuals, including the two center in-charges and four private invigilators, were arrested. Additionally, the Education Minister ordered the immediate sealing of the examination center.

The Education Minister of Punjab, Rana Sikandar Hayat, initiated a raid on an examination center in Lahore’s Mozang area.

The operation, prompted by reports of malpractice, led to the apprehension of eight individuals, including center in-charges and private invigilators. Meanwhile, the examination center was sealed on the minister’s orders.

During the raid, students confronted the Education Minister, revealing the extent of cheating practices at the center.

More than 500 students testified against the center in-charges and invigilators, disclosing demands for Rs 30,000 for cheating in exams and Rs 20,000 for MCQs. The invigilators unabashedly urged students to “pay up and pass”.

Minister Hayat condemned the rampant cheating, asserting its intolerability in examinations. The raid was prompted by numerous complaints regarding the center’s misconduct.

“Culprits will face strict penalties for their actions,” the minister said.

He emphasized the severe consequences awaiting those involved in jeopardizing students’ futures. Secret teams are deployed across the province, vigilantly monitoring examination centers.

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