Elections 2024: 90,675 polling station to be established across Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released complete polling schemes for the upcoming General Elections 2024 according to which total 90,675 polling stations would be established across the country, ARY News reported.

According to the data released by the ECP, 25, 320 polling stations are designated for men while 23,952 are for women. The ECP said that 41, 403 joint polling stations would also be established for both men and women.

Giving breakup, the ECP maintained the most number of polling stations i,e 50,944  are to establish in Punjab while Sindh would have 19,006 polling stations.

Similarly, 15,697 polling stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5,028 would be established in Balochistan.

As per the ECP data, total 276,398 polling booths will be established across the country. “128,846 polling booths will be established for women, 1 47,552 polling booths will be established for men.

Read More: ECP conducts successful trial run of EMS

Earlier on Saturday, the ECP said that it “successfully” conducted a mock exercise of the Election Management System (EMS) on an experimental basis, yielding useful and encouraging results.

In a statement, an ECP spokesman pointed out that presiding officers, on the whole, managed to deliver results satisfactorily.

However, connectivity challenges at certain points during the exercise caused minor issues in transmitting results to some presiding officers. “These challenges are being promptly addressed,” the spokesperson added.

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