Elections 2024: Canvassing ban on polling day


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) imposed a ban on canvassing and all forms of campaigns within a 400-meter radius of polling stations during the general election scheduled to be held on February 08, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

In its latest directives, the ECP imposed a ban on putting notice boards, signs, banners, or flags within a 100-meter radius of polling stations and forbade the political parties to prevent campaigns related to persuading the voters.

Additionally, the ECP allows the political parties to establish camps within a 400-meter radius of polling stations while a distance of 100-meter radius is mandatory for camps in densely populated areas.

The ECP stated that the Deputy Returning Officers (DROs) and Returning Officers (RO) will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the administrative Code of Conduct (CoC).

Earlier in the day, the curtains will fall on electioneering tonight, to begin a 48-hour moratorium on political activities beginning Feb 6 and 7 at midnight.

As per the election schedule, the campaigning window will close at the stroke of midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday under the election laws.

The candidates or political parties violating the law may be subject to legal action after the curtains down on the election campaign.

As the electioneering ban period approaches, political parties and contesting candidates have intensified their election campaigns.

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