Elections 2024: ECP takes notice against CoC violators


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued show cause notices to various political parties and candidates in the Chaman district of Balochistan for carrying out the election campaign against the Code of Conduct (CoC).

According to spokesperson of the Provincial Election Commissioner Balochistan, the notice were issued against the candidates for unauthorized placement of billboards, hoardings, and panaflex.

On the directives of District Monitoring Officer Zohaibullah, election monitoring teams and the district administration took swift action to address the violations. They removed illegal election materials on a large scale in Chaman City.

It is pertinent to mention that the ECP has specified guidelines in its code of conduct, prohibiting the placement of election-related materials on government properties such as buildings, walls, poles, and bridges. Additionally, the code strictly prohibits wall chalking, billboards, hoardings, and panaflex in certain areas.

“This proactive enforcement by the ECP underscores its commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process by upholding the integrity of the code of conduct. Violations may lead to penalties or other consequences for the political parties and candidates involved,” the ECP warned.

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Earlier the ECP took action against the Code of Conduct violators and removed political banners across Sindh. Following the direction of ECP Commissioner, Sharifullah, the District Monitoring Officers took down flags, banners, and billboards in Karachi s PS-104 and PS-105 constituencies.

The ECP commissioner Sindh advised the officials to ensure the code of conduct implementation at any cost, urging that the ECP will not tolerate negligence for transparent elections.

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