Elections 2024: JI announces PA candidates from Karachi


KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has announced its candidates for Sindh Assembly constituencies of Karachi, with the city Amir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman contesting from PS-129, ARY News reported.

The JI announced list of its aspirants for provincial assembly from Karachi, according to which former MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed has been awarded the party ticket from PS-106.

The other candidates included Syed Sadruddin from PS-122, Muhammad Akbar from PS-123, Muhammad Ahmed from PS-124, Farooq Naatullah from PS-125, Nusratullah from PS-126, Muhammad Masood Ali from PS-127, Syed Wajeeh Hasan from PS-128 and Haris Ali from PS-130.

Saqib Hussain is awarded the JI ticket from PS-84, Faiz Ahmed Faiz from PS-85, Khalid Khan from PS-86, Mairaj Mohammad Khan from PS-87.

Likewise, other ticket holders included Mohammad Nawaz from PS-88, Shoaib Haider from PS-89 Mohammad Waseem from PS- 90, Mohammad Farooq from PS- 91, Mirza Farhan Baig from PS-92, Abdul Hafeez  from PS-93, Arshad Hussain from PS-94, Mansoor Feroz from PS-95, Shafiq Ahmed from PS-96, Muhammad Khalid Siddiqui from PS-97, Hamadullah Khan from PS- 98, Mohammad Younis Barai PS- 99 and Naeem Akhtar from PS- 100.

Similarly, Syed Qutb Ahmad will be JI s candidate from PS- 101, Najeeb Ayubi from PS- 102, Muhammad Younis  from PS- 103, Junaid Mukati from PS- 104, Nauman Sabir  from PS- 105, Syed Abdul Rasheed from PS- 106, Mehmood Isa from PS- 107, Mohammad Zakir Mehanti from PS- 109, Sufyan from PS- 110 and Ghulam Mustafa from PS- 111.

The other candidates included Syed Khaliqur Rehman from PS- 112, Arshad Qureshi from PS- 113, Abdul Razzaq Khan from PS- 114, Mohammad Tayyab Khan from PS- 115, Mohammad Abu Zia from PS- 116, Muhammad Rizwan Shah from PS- 117, Abdul Majeed from PS- 118, Abdul Hannan Khan from PS- 119, Nazar Mohammad from PS- 120 and Maulana Mudassar Ansari from PS- 121.

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Earlier on January 7, the JI unveiled its candidates for National Assembly constituencies of Karachi for general election 2024. The JI fielded its Karachi head Hafiz Naeem from two National Assembly seats (NA-246, NA-250).

The other JI candidates for the National Assembly included Umar Farooq, Taufeeq Uddin, Jameel Khan, Akhtar Hussain, Mairaj Siddiqui, Dr Usama Razi, Irfan Ikhlas.

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