Elections 2024: Legal battle unfolds for ‘defeated’ independent candidates in Karachi


KARACHI: Independent candidates of Karachi who faced defeat in the elections 2024 have made a significant decision to embark on a legal battle, ARY News reported on Saturday.  

According to details, an eight-member legal team – headed by Advocate Jibran Nasir – will handle the cases. The Save Karachi Vote Lawyers Panel will represent candidates from all political parties, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

The legal team is committed to fighting cases for supported candidates without charging any fees, and it is noteworthy that they are not limited to any specific political affiliation, including those backed by PTI.

Sources told ARY News that more than 20 candidates, such as Dua Khan Sabir, Saif ur Rahman, Aftab Jahangir, and Yaser Baloch, have held meetings with advocate Jibran Nasir and his legal team in Karachi.

The attendees also included prominent figures like Faheem Khan, Alamgir Khan, Zain Parvez, Muhammad Taha, Abdul Qadeer, Wajahat Siddiqui, Ramzan Ghanchi, Murad Sheikh, and Jan Sher Junejo.

Jibran Nasir has instilled confidence in all candidates, assuring them of the legal team’s commitment to fighting their cases. Candidates have diligently provided evidence, including Form 45 and other documents, to support their legal claims across all constituencies.

This legal battle is expected to unfold as the Save Karachi Vote Lawyers Panel takes on the cases of these defeated candidates, reflecting a united effort to address electoral concerns in the city.

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