Elections 2024: No mobile phones inside polling stations


ISLAMABAD: Amid enhanced security measures, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has banned carrying mobile phones inside the polling stations for the upcoming general elections, slated for Feb 8, 2024, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The electoral watchdog forwarded a circular to all four provincial election commissioners, banning carrying mobile phones inside polling stations across the country during the general elections 2024.

It was conveyed that all the election staff, except the presiding officers, would keep their mobile phones switched off during the polling time.

Furthermore, the ECP said male staff would also be banned from entering female polling stations without permission of presiding officers.

Earlier, the Federal cabinet issued an official notification regarding the deployment of Pakistan Army s personnel across Pakistan to perform duties at sensitive constituencies and polling stations during the general election 2024.

“Under Article 245 of the Constitution, the army will be deployed across the country,” the notification stated.

The notification further stated that the military personnel – deployed outside sensitive polling stations from Feb 05 till Feb 10 – will serve as a quick response force.

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The notification mentioned that the deployment of Army personnel will play a major role in the transparent and peaceful polling process.

The notification further added that the Civil Armed Forces will also be stationed at the Printing Corporation of Pakistan and the Pakistan Post Foundation.

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