Elections 2024: Polling stuff being dispatched in Karachi


KARACHI: The delivery of polling stuff to various parts of Karachi is underway on Wednesday ahead of general elections, scheduled to take place tomorrow, across the country. 

As per details, the polling stuff is being dispatched from nine different parts of the metropolis.

In District East, the polling stuff is being dispatched from the Expo Centre, in Kemari from the JCT Site, and in Malir, Presiding Officers (ROs) receiving stuff from the DC Office.

Furthermore, in the West, the polling stuff is being dispatched from the DC office, in district Central from Government Comprehensive School North Nazimabad, in Korangi from Superior College and Government Girls College Korangi.

Meanwhile, the polling stuff in District South is being dispatched from Government Commerce College.

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It is to be noted that the General Elections of the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies will be held tomorrow. The election campaign by political parties and independent candidates concluded across the country last night.

The Election Commission has completed all arrangements for the polling. Ninety-thousand six hundred and seventy-five polling stations have been established in all four provinces.

A total of five thousand one hundred and twenty-one candidates are in the run for the National Assembly seats. For the four provincial assemblies, 12695 candidates are in the field. There are a total of 128,585,760 registered voters in the country.

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