Elections 2024 results: PPP, JUI emerge largest parties in Balochistan Assembly


QUETTA: The unofficial and unconfirmed results of 51 general seats of the Balochistan Assembly completed, showing JUI-F and PPP leading with 11 seats, each. 

According to unconfirmed and unofficial results of 51 seats, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and JUI-F have won 11 seats, each, followed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) with 10 seats.

Here are the complete results of the Balochistan Assembly.

PB-1: JUI-F’s Muhammad Nawaz won the seat with 12190 votes. Independent candidate Shah Zaman bagged 8500 votes

PB-2: PML-N s Jaffer Khan is leading with 1730 votes against JUI-F s Fazal Qadir who got 15587 votes

PB-3: Independent Moulana Noorullah is leading with 5818 votes against JUI-F s Moulana Abdul Wasey who got 4023 votes

PB-4: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Sardar Abdul Raheem secured 24646 to clinch victory in PB-4 Barkhan. NP’s Abdul Karim remained second with 18910 votes.

PB-5: PML-N’s Muhammad Khan is leading with 1538 against JUI-F’s Molvi Faizullah who secured 979 votes.

PB-6: JUI-F’s Sardar Yaha is leading with 1817 votes followed by Independent candidate Sardar Azam Tareen who bagged 1003 votes.

PB-7: Pk-Map s Abdur Raheem is leading with 4247 votes against JUI-F s Khalilur Rehman who bagged 3230 votes

PB-8: Sardar Sarfraz Chakar Domki, PPPP, Votes: 27,677

PB-9: In the first complete results from Balochistan Assembly, PPP s Mir Naseebullah emerged victorious, He bagged 5842 votes followed by independent Zain Marri who could get only 3325 votes.

PB-10: Jamhoori Wattan Party’s Mir Gahram Bugti is leading with 1,242 votes against PPP’s Sarfraz Bugti who bagged 208 votes.

PB-11: BAP s Tariq Khan Magsi is leading with 5691 votes against BNP s Mir Murtaza Abbas who secured 663 votes

PB-12: Mir Muhammad Asim Kurd, PML-N, Votes: 22,557

PB-13:  Mir Muhammad Sadiq Umrani, PPPP, Votes: 14,856

PB-14: Muhammad Khan, PML-N, Votes: 22,639

PB-15: Saleem Ahmed, PML-N, Votes: 24,619

PB-16: Abdul Majeed, JI, Votes: 15,248

PB-17: PPP’s Sardar Faisal Khan secured PB-17 Usta Muhammad’s seat with 28333 votes, while BAP’s Mir Jan Jamail secured 13979 votes.

PB-18: PPP’s Sanaullah Zehri clinched victory with 20014 votes followed by JUI-F’s Ghulam Sarwar who got 13791 votes

PB-19 : Mir Younis Aziz, JUI, Votes: 19,137

PB-20: Muhammad Akhtar Mengal, BNP, Votes: 28,097

PB-21: According to unconfirmed and unofficial results of PB-21 Hub, BAP’s Muhammad Saleh Bhootani is leading with 15894 votes.

PB-22: Jam Kamal Khan, PML-N, Votes: 38,562

PB-23: BNP’s Khair Jan won the seat with 15635 votes. PPP’s Abdul Quddus Bizenjo bagged 9233 votes.

PB-24: Huq Do Tehreek’s Moulana Hidayatur Rehman secured victory with 20,925 votes, defeating BAP’s Mir Hammal Kalmati who got 16522 votes

PB-25: Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, PPPP, Votes: 9,099

PB-26: Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, NP, Votes: 14,004

PB-27: PML-N’s Barkat Ali bagged the seat with 15552 votes followed by independent Jameel Ahmed who got 4622 votes

PB-28: Muhammad Asghar Rind, PPPP, Votes: 7,090

PB-29: Asadullah, BNP-A, Votes: 7,263

PB-30: Rahmat Ali, NP, Votes: 9,690

PB-31: JUI-F’s Nawab Aslam Raisani is leading with 196 votes against PPP’s Sardar Noor Ahmad Mangalzai with 167 votes.

PB-32: Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, BAP, Votes: 19,091

PB-33: Mir Shoaib Shervani, PML-N, Votes: 11,207

PB-34: Mir Ghulam Dastagir Badini, JUI, Votes: 16,771

PB-35: JUI-F’s Mir Zafarullah Khan Zehri won the seat with 16579 votes, while PPP’s Mir Naimatullah Khan Zehri bagged 11113 votes and remained second.

PB-36: Sardarzada Mir Saeed Ahmed, JUI, Votes: 10,654

PB-37: JUI-F’s Haji Zahid Ali Raki is leading with 234 votes against Mir Mujibur Rehman Hasni with 176 votes.

PB-38: Awami National Party’s Malik Naeem beats JUI-F Ainullah to clinch PB-38 Quetta seat. Naeem secured 7792 votes, while Ainullah managed to get 6280 votes.

PB-39: Bakhat Khan, IND, Votes: 6,618

PB-40: Pakistan People’s Party grabs PB-40 Quetta seat, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results.

PB-41: Haji Malik Wali Muhammad, IND, Votes: 9,318

PB-42: Zarak Khan, PML-N, Votes: 10,423

PB-43: Independent Liaquat Ali has won with 7277 votes, defeating PTI-backed independent Dawa Khan who secured 5190

PB-44: Ubaid Ullah, PPPP, Votes: 7,125

PB-45: PPP’s Ali Madad Jattak won the PB-45 Quetta seat with 5671 votes, while JUI-F’s Muhammad Usman secured 4346 votes.

PB-46: Prince Ahmad Umar Ahmed Zai, BAP, Votes: 4,638

PB-47: Independent Asfand Yar Khan won the seat with 21,714 votes. JUI-F’s Kamalud Din is the runner-up with 18989 votes

PB-48: Asghar Ali Tareen, JUI, Votes: 17,944

PB-49: JUI-F’s Syed Muzaffar Ali emerged victorious with 13,8111 votes followed by PkMap’s Agha Syed Liaquat who secured 12,778 votes

PB-50: ANP’s Zamruk Khan defeated JUI-F to win the PB-50 Qila Abdullah seat.

Khan grabbed 48169 votes, while Muhammad Nawaz of JUI-F, grabbed 42907 votes.

PB-51: Independent candidate Abdul Khaliq won the seat with 20390 votes.

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