Evidence emerges of Afghan soil being used for terrorism against Pakistan


Evidence has emerged indicating the utilization of Afghan territory for terrorist activities in Pakistan, ARY News reported on Sunday.

A video revealing the planning of attacks on Pakistan s security forces by collaborating with the Taliban militants has surfaced.

As per the details, evidence of using Afghan territory for terrorism has come to light showing that Tehree-e-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA) plotting attacks on Pakistan s security forces deployed at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

In the video, TTA terrorist Yahya can be seen instructing his accomplices regarding the attacks, he continues to incite his militants for revenge against Pakistan, stating that they [Pakistan] are prepared to retaliate.

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The terrorists were informed that there would be 6 rocket launchers along with them, accompanied by 6 assistants.

The TTA commander, Yahya, mentioned that there will be two laser operators, two assistants, and also a sniper, all of whom are prepared to act under the orders of the Commander, Sheikh Abdullah.

The video also depicts a suicide bomber, indicating the readiness of militants to carry out attacks against Pakistan. Additionally, the video shows militants expressing their willingness to fight against Pakistan.

According to reports, TTA is involved in planning attacks on security forces at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and the Taliban Afghanistan is busy providing full assistance to militants.

Pakistan has repeatedly stated that the Afghan government should not allow terrorists to use its territory, as they continue to attack Pakistan from Afghan soil, and now video evidence has emerged supporting these claims.

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