Ex-cop dies under mysterious circumstances in Karachi


A former police official allegedly burnt to death inside his house in Karachi’s Soldier Bazaar area on Saturday, ARY News reported, citing rescue officials.

According to the police, the retired Karachi policeman was living alone in his apartment while one of his two sons was living on the lower floor of the building located at Soldier Bazaar s Gula Rana Colony.

Meanwhile, the Crime Scene Unit along with police contingency arrived at the scene and began investigations into the matter.

Police retrieved the burned body from the apartment that was locked from the inside. The deceased was identified as Saleem Ansari, as per police.

Karachi police said that the crime scene had made the death of the retired cop suspicious as there was no evidence of a short circuit that could have resulted in igniting the fire in the apartment.

According to police, the neighbours, including the deceased’s son and his family, did not report screams or calls for help from the ex-cop.

Meanwhile, Ansari’s son has declined to perform a postmortem of the body.

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