Feb 8 elections to be PPP vs PML-N contest: Bilawal Bhutto


SUKKUR: Pakistan People s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday reiterated that Feb 8 general elections was a contest between PML-N and his party, urging the nation to vote for the arrow in the upcoming polls, ARY News reported.  

Addressing a public gathering in Kot Addu, the former foreign minister said that PPP completely believes in “vote power” unlike other parties who are looking towards khalai makhlooq (aliens).

Bilawal Butto noted that all parties except the PPP represent elites which provide relief to wealthy personalities and give pain to poor people. He vowed that his party would be a sigh of relief for the common man if voted to power.

He reiterated that the Feb 8 general election is a contest between only two political parties — PPP and PML-N.

The PPP chairman also lambasted the PML-N, saying that the NA-127 constituency in Lahore, from where he was contesting polls, does not even have clean drinking water.”

Pointing out PPP s 10-point agenda, Bilawal pledged his party would bring the country out of all political, economic and security crises. “Pakistan can get rid of inflation and poverty by implementation of our 10-point economic agenda,” he added.

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Earlier in Jan, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto formally unveiled his party s manifesto for Feb 8 elections, pledging to provide 300 free units of electricity per household and construction of three million houses.

Central to the manifesto is a commitment to double salaries, construction of three million houses and provide 300 free units of electricity per household, achieved by setting up green energy parks in every district, harnessing solar and wind energy sources.

Bilawal Bhutto urged his PPP office-bearers and workers to make the people aware about this “revolutionary document”, which is the key to overcome all the challenges facing the nation and bring the country on the path of progress, prosperity and exaltation.

He said the PPP had already introduced Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) for the downtrodden segments of society.

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