FIA arrests three human traffickers from Punjab


LAHORE: The Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) claimed to have arrested three individuals allegedly involved in criminal activities of human trafficking and visa fraud, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to the details, FIA claimed that the three arrested individuals, identified as Mehmood Ahmed, Amanullah, and Qasim Ali, were allegedly involved in visa fraud and human trafficking.

The FIA spokesman revealed that the accused Mehmood took Rs 2.5 million from an individual in exchange for assisting with securing an employment visa for Canada.

The spokesman stated that the other two accused Amanullah and Qasim Ali obtained Rs 900,000 in exchange for employment opportunities and assistance in Iraq.

Meanwhile, raids are being conducted to arrest other associates linked to the accused individuals.

Earlier FIA sought the details of the cases registered against government officials and politicians from zonal directors of FIA across Pakistan.

As per the details, the Director General of FIA wrote a letter to the zonal directors of FIA and sought the details of the cases registered along with ongoing inquiries against government officials and politicians across the country.

The letter specifically seeks data on the number of cases that the FIA is handling against government officials nationwide, as well as inquiries in progress against politicians and government officers, along with their current positions.

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