FIA seeks details of cases registered against govt officials


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Thursday sought the details of the cases registered against government officials and politicians from zonal directors of FIA across Pakistan, ARY News reported.

As per the details, the Director General of FIA wrote a letter to the zonal directors of FIA and sought the details of the cases registered along with ongoing inquiries against the government officials and politicians across the country.

The letter specifically seeks data on the number of cases that the FIA is handling against government officials nationwide, as well as inquiries in progress against politicians and government officers, along with their current positions.

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In a letter, the DG FIA raised concerns regarding the status of progress in registered cases, particularly inquiries involving politicians.

The letter inquires about the progress made in completed inquiries and registered cases. Specifically, seeking updates on the status of ongoing corruption cases, while highlighting the ministry or department where the highest number of corruption cases are currently under investigation.

Additionally, details are requested regarding the number of individuals accused or involved in criminal activities related to government officers and politicians.

Moreover, the letter seeks information on the amount of recovery achieved thus far in ongoing cases, along with the number of arrests made by the FIA concerning politicians and government officials.

It emphasizes the importance of receiving comprehensive reports from all zones, indicating that a briefing will subsequently be provided to the Ministry of Interior based on the compiled data.

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