Five killed in armed attack on Ghotki village


GHOTKI: At least five persons were killed in armed men’s attack on a village in Ghotki, citing police, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Police said that unidentified armed men attacked Jam Bajar village leaving at least five persons dead and two injured in the shooting incident.

The deadly incident is result of an ongoing feud between two clans, according to police. “The accused had attacked on a Bethak (meeting place) of the village,” police said.

Lawlessness prevails in Ghotki and other districts of upper Sindh owing to geographic proximity with the katcha area (riverine forests) infamous for criminal activities of bandit gangs patronized by tribal chieftains and influentials.

The riverine forests in Sindh and southern belt of Punjab have historically remained a hotbed of bandit gangs involved in kidnappings for ransom and other crimes on both banks of the Indus River.

These areas are inaccessible and virtually a no go area for police and other law enforcement agencies. So as, remain an ideal refuge for the fugitives and bandit gangs operating in the region.

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