Five rescued after part of building collapsed


KARACHI: All five of the people, who were left stranded after the structure of a residential building near Ranchor Lines collapsed, have been rescued, ARY News reported.

The rescue sources said that five people were stranded after a part of the building collapsed. It added all the people have been taken out safely after completion of the rescue operation.

Earlier in the day, some part of the residential building collapsed and fortunately, no causality was reported.

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Earlier on December 17, three persons died and were 17 injured after a two-story building located in Karachi s Machar Colony area collapsed due to a cylinder blast.

According to the rescue officials, as many as three people lost their lives while 17 others – including two women and three children – sustained injuries as the two-floor building collapsed after a cylinder blast.

The reports indicated that the explosion was of a cylinder.

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