FM Dar calls for aggressive financing for nuclear energy projects


BRUSSELS: Foreign Minister (FM) Ishaq Dar has called upon the multilateral development institutions to consider aggressive financing for nuclear energy projects, ARY News reported.

In a video message on the sidelines of the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels, he said this will help the developing countries install nuclear energy plants. He said other heads of delegations at the summit also asked the international financial institutions to consider the same.

The Foreign Minister said nuclear energy is regarded as the safest source of energy after hydro. He said Pakistan has installed nuclear energy capacity of more than thirty five hundred megawatts. He pointed out that Pakistan is also building another nuclear power plant Chashma-5 with the cooperation of China.

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It is pertinent to mention here that Foreign Minister (FM) Ishaq Dar is in Brussels to attend the First Nuclear Energy Summit.

Atomic Energy s first session will kicked off on Thursday in Brussels where Ishaq Dar is representing Pakistan.

On this occasion, Dar will meet the leaders and foreign ministers of the countries participating in the meeting.

In the meetings, nuclear energy and ways to help advance sustainable development will be discussed among all the leaders.

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