Four Parties Alliance block roads in Balochistan to protest election results


QUTEEA: A four parties alliance blocked roads in Balochistan as protest against alleged rigging in elections, ARY News reported on Sunday.

A wheel-jam strike and protest has been underway in Quetta and other cities of Balochistan on the call of a four-party alliance, comprises of BNP-Mengal, Pashtunkhwa MAP, the National Party and Hazara Democratic Party.

Protesters blocked the National Highway with hurdles at N-65 Naari against alleged election rigging. The highway also blocked in Sohbatpur as protest.

The protesters closed the Quetta-Karachi National Highway at Mughal Chowk in Kalat for traffic during the protest.

The protesters also blocked road on the protest call against election results in Khuzdar. In Mastung the workers of the National Party staged protest at Shams Abad crossing and BNP workers blocked road at Dasht 13-Mile.

In Jaffarabad protesters staged sit-in at Shahi Chowki point and blocked N-65 highway.

Protesters also closed Harnai to Quetta and Harnai to Punjab highway.

The vehicular traffic was closed in Chaman during protest at Garang point of Quetta-Chaman highway.

Pashtunkhwa MAP workers staged protest and blocked Quetta and D.I.Khan highways in Zhob.

A protest has also been staged in Gwadar at Sar Bandar Cross and blocked Makran Coastal Highway.

The Pak-Iran highway has been closed for all traffic after protest in Chagai.

The blockade of different roads in Balochistan has suspended traffic and created long queues of passengers and cargo vehicles stranded in result of the protest.

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