Girl allegedly gang raped in Islamabad’s E-11


ISLAMABAD: A girl was allegedly gang-raped within the limits of Shalimar police station in Islamabad on Thursday, ARY News reported citing police sources.

According to the details, an incident of alleged gang rape took place in E-11 area within the limits of Shalimar police station in Islamabad.

The case has been registered against the accused whereas the victim told police that the accused Zeeshan and his two friends sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

In her statement, the girl said that a boy named Zeeshan took her to E-11 center in a car and kept driving around, where he called Hamza and two other friends.

The victim said that Zeeshan forced her to sit on back seat of the car and took out weapons.

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She said that Zeeshan and his two friends raped her at gunpoint and later dropped to her residence.

The victim girl added that the accused also threatened her of dire consequence, if she discloses the incident to police or anyone.

Earlier on January 7, a woman was raped by an influential in Islamabad. The woman accused the brother of two police officers in Islamabad police of raping her and alleged that police have denied registration of the case.

The woman alleged that the brother of the accused, Safdar, who is a police officer, is putting pressure for the settlement of the issue.

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