Govt hikes petrol price by Rs13, diesel by Rs2


ISLAMABAD: The caretaker government has pushed through a sharp hike in the price of petrol by Rs13.55 per litre and high-speed diesel (HSD) by Rs2.15 per litre, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

According to a notification by the finance ministry, the price of petrol increased by Rs 13.55 per litre and High Speed Diesel by Rs 2.75 per liter.

The notification added that the petrol will be available at Rs272.89 per litre from January 01 following increase of Rs 13.55.

Earlier this month, the price of petrol was slashed by Rs8 per litre but retained the existing price of diesel at Rs273.21 per litre for the next fortnight.

According to a notification by the finance ministry, petrol will be available at Rs259.34 per litre from January 16 following a reduction of Rs8.

However, the diesel rate was retained at Rs276.21 per litre. Meanwhile, no changes were mentioned for the prices of light-diesel oil and kerosene oil.

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