Govt to withdraw, Guddu, Nandipur power plants from privatization list


ISLAMABAD: Caretaker government has decided to cancel privatization decision of Nandipur and Guddu power plants, citing sources ARY News reported on Monday.

According to sources, the government mulling over a proposal of handing over the two power plants to the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for its outstanding arrears.

“The government has decided to withdraw Guddu and Nandipur power plants from its privatization list,” sources said.

The two power plants have outstanding bills of the gas companies to pay.

The government has decided to take back the decision of the cabinet committee for privatization, which was made in year 2018.

Federal government will get the arrears of gas companies cleared. Guddu and Nandipur power plants will be handed over to the PSO in place of the outstanding amount, sources added.

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