Hammad Azhar resigns from PTI positions


LAHORE: Hammad Azhar, the general secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and acting Punjab president, has announced his resignation from all posts within the party, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

According to details, the former federal minister has forwarded his resignation to PTI top leadership – Barrister Gohar Ali Khan and Omar Ayub Khan.

“Punjab has faced the brunt of oppression as thousands of workers and party leaders have been arrested, tortured and some forced to leave the party post 9th May,” Hammad Azhar wrote in his resignation.

However, he said, they managed to keep the party intact, its narrative strong and fielded excellent candidates in each constituency along with multiple backups.

“On February 8th, the people of Pakistan and in particular Punjab returned 2/3rd of PTI backed candidates to the assemblies. It is another matter that the peoples vote has been stolen and the mandate hijacked by the PDM,” he alleged.

“It has been an honor, but it would be selfish of me to continue while I am still in hiding and unable to represent the party even on television,” Azhar added.

Moreover, he said, he will continue to render his services for the party as a loyal and ideological worker.

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