Hammad Azhar withdraws SC appeal against nomination papers rejection


ISLAMABAD: PTI leader Hammad Azhar has withdrawn his appeal in the Supreme Court against rejection of his nomination papers from NA-129, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

A junior lawyer told the court that Hammad Azhar does not want to pursue his appeal against nomination papers rejection.

An appellate tribunal had rejected nomination papers of the former federal minister of the PTI government.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah question, why the high court had given reference of Article 62 (i)-F in its decision. “The verdict has been clear that the Article 62 (i)-F not applicable by itself,” Justice Shah remarked.

Counsel Aftab Yasir said that the court’s decision has also come with regard to the eligibility of a proclaimed offender.

“The court decision will not benefit to Hammad Azhar due to withdrawal of his appeal,” Justice Shah said.

“It seems Hammad Azhar doesn’t want to surrender,” Justice Jamal Mandokhel remarked.

“It seems no harm in surrender,” the counsel said.

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